American in Spain

Wall Walking

September 1, 2011
Wall Walking Composite

Every kid has done it and loved it. What could be better than walking on top of a wall, holding your parent's hand, up at grownup eye level, carefully placing each step, enjoying the illusion of danger. Last Sunday, we took a stroll up to Colindres de Arriba, the picturesque village within a town just up a hill past the town hall. We spent about thirty minutes picking blackberries and then continued on to the medieval church. If I had been planning on it before we left, I'd have taken a better camera, but it occurred to me while we were up there that I could take a series of photographs and photoshop them together into a motion composite. I'm fairly pleased with the result. Wall Walking Composite

Walking along the wall by the church.

Wall Walking Composite

Heading back home.

A quick clip of Nora walking on the wall, followed by some panning across the above photos.