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Ian is Four!

April 25, 2017
Four years old

My youngest little baby turned four years old today. It's hard to believe that only four years ago our family was incomplete. It feels like there have been four of us since forever. Even though it's a Tuesday night, we invited over Ian's best friend, Gael, and his other friend, Mara, who has an older sister who is Nora's best friend at school. Nora's best neighborhood friend, Carmen, also came to our little soirée. Carmen is exactly six years older than Ian, so she also got to blow some candles. I made sloppy joes, which, when paired with a bag of potato chips, make a pretty decent party meal for kids. I went this morning to the grocery store that is known for having the best branded cakes. There were several cakes, but only one with Ian's favorite cartoon character. There were several families swarming around the cakes, but I deftly seal-team-six'd in and snatched the prize.

First we begin with an exit interview I conducted with Ian last night when he was still a three-year-old.

I might be biased, but that seems pretty cute. I don't know what to tell my future self either.

Ian's Fourth Birthday

Dining like kings. The beer was at the grownups' table.

How many American preschool birthday parties have green olives?

Ian's Fourth Birthday

Happy birthday boy.

Ian's Fourth Birthday

Blaze, and the monster machines!

Ian, how old are you?

Ian's Fourth Birthday


Ian's Fourth Birthday

A good time was had by all.