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Brilliant Christmas Customer Service

January 5, 2016

dollOn December 24, I ordered an Antonio Juan doll for my daughter. That might seem a bit late to you, but we were ordering it for Kings Day, the second mythical gift giver Christmas day in Spain, on January 6th. I ordered it online, via Amazon, but the order really went to a third party vendor.

On December 26, I received an email telling me that my order had been shipped.

On December 28, I received the package. On December 30, I received the following email, from the vendor.

Good afternoon,

The Wise Men are just around the corner and, since we sent your order via express delivery, we are very concerned that you receive it on time.

We ask you a small favor: If your package does not arrive on Saturday, January 2, please send us a message via WhatsApp ([number redacted]) so that we can initiate a reclamation. This way we have Monday and Tuesday to be certain that you receive it without problems.

Thank you very much for your purchase,


P.S. If you have already received it, it is not necessary that you respond. Instead, will take this moment to wish you a happy 2016.

Not only did they deduce, correctly, the date that I needed the product for, but they offered me a telephone number – WhatsApp feels like a more instant form of communication than email – by which to contact them immediately in case anything had gone wrong during the shipping process.

What a brilliant show of customer service. While I suspect that this is the last doll I will purchase until I have grandchildren, I can recommend that others purchase dolls from Antonio Juan via Amazon. Bravo!