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Ibiza – Party Island of the Med

May 17, 2015

Ibiza and Formentera August and September 2011Lately, I have had different groups of friends talking to me about Ibiza. A married couple with a 5 year old girl that choose Ibiza every year for their holidays, a woman from our salsa group that went there for her bachelorette party and other women that have gone there twice for their holidays, and I have grown interested in the little island.

Ibiza has tourism as its main economical activity, and from November to March there is not much activity. From April to October is when all the tourism happens with good weather in general, even though there can be storms which can leave a couple of inches of water running down the streets. Ibiza 2010_9211

There are five different areas in Ibiza. Santa Eulalia is the one that families choose for lodging, where you can easily recognize a gorgeous Thomson Scene. In San Antonio, you only have to be there for one evening to see an amazing sunset over the water. After strolling around, the port area is a nice place to relax and enjoy a drink on one of the terraces. But what Ibiza is really oriented towards is clubbing holidays, vacations where you sleep during the day and party all night.

Ibiza, Spain

During the day there are endless calas, small beach coves, that are beautiful to visit and explore.

All night long, the biggest parties happen in all the different discotheques of the island. During the day several times you can be approached by people who give you vouchers, and other discounts trying to make you interested in going to their disco for the night party. You normally have to pay for the entrance and there might be included a drink or not, depending on the chosen place. People of all ages from many countries go to a Ibiza, but especially youngsters attracted by the beach, the music, and the parties that are available day and night. Ibiza is famous all around Europe for techno-dance music. Search YouTube for "ibiza music" if you want an example. There is also a pretty lively transvestite scene in Ibiza, with parades and dedicated bars.


In October, all the discotheques have a Closing Party, marking the end of the party season. So remember, if you choose to go to Ibiza, don't forget it has to be from April to October! What are you waiting for?

Ibiza and Formentera August and September 2011

Photos by Frans-Josef Molitor, Philip Larson, José Luis Zapata Ruiz, and David Sim, respectively.