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Carnaval 2015 - Pirates and Parrots and Mice

February 13, 2015
Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 202

Every year my children's daycare surprises me with a clever costume duo for the grown-ups and the children, e.g. Angels and Demons, Cops and Robbers, Snow White and Dwarves. This year, it was pirates for the grown-ups, and parrots for the children. Not the cleverest they've done, but not bad, and way cleverer than the other schools in town, some of whom were Ninja Turtles, [Despicable Me] Minions, dinosaurs, or Smurfs (Smurves?), with the parents and children dressing up as the same thing...yawn! As usual, I was designated the official daycare photographer, although this year I was not given a special costume as I have been in the past as Prince Charming or the Police Commissioner. As usual, we arrived early to daycare and put on our costumes, made from colored plastic bags. The children's costumes this year were especially well made, with individual feathers painstakingly cut into the plastic. We lucked out with the weather this year, with sun right up until we were done with the parade. Each preschool class from each school in town files out to the center of town and then we walk around town, this year twice, before coming together in a town square briefly and then returning to our individual schools.

What follows is a small fraction of the photos I took. All of them can be found here. I was tasked with taking photos of each and every child and their family.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 003

Preparations in daycare. Between all the snot wiping, it's amazing that they got all the kids in their costumes.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 027

My little parrot.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 052

The captain of the ship at the stern.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 124

Nora and her little rodent companions.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 161

Some pigs, Iron Men, Ninja Turtles, a bee, and Captain America with snowy peaks in the distance.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 174

Nora and her teacher, Viky.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 109

Nora's friend, Carmen, as Charlie Chaplin.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 212

Ian with his Spanish grandparents.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 202

Pirate with a parrot on his shoulder.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 251

The obligatory shot of the daycare workers. They are each so great with my children.

Carnaval 2015 - Colindres - 205

Captain Hook with his parrot and little mouse. "Arr!! Polly want cheese and crackers!"