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The Turbo Roundabout – Just What Spain Needs

January 21, 2015

Turbo RoundaboutToday I saw this article in the local newspaper, which informed me of this Dutch invention of what is called the "turbo roundabout". This is followup post from my previous rant about how Spaniards Don't Understand Roundabouts. The turbo roundabout is pure genius, as it eliminates most of the problems that Spaniards have in roundabout situations, forcing the correct behavior. The way the turbo roundabout works is how I think all roundabouts should be used (see previous rant for details on my views). As you can see from the diagram below, if you enter on the right lane, you must stay in the outer lane of the roundabout, and once you are there in the outside lane, when a two-lane exit approaches, you must exit the roundabout. This Dutch genius has placed a solid line there to make the point.

This video demonstrates the system perfectly. If only I'd had the time and animation skills to illustrate my point so well in my previous post.

Oh, sweet vindication. May this technology spread to the furthest corners of Iberia!

Turbo Roundabout