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Bull Run Baby

July 10, 2014

Bull Run Baby CutoutLast Sunday we watched the annual Chupinazo event, a nationally televised event in Spain, which is very special to us. It's the start of the San Fermí­n festival in Pamplona. We tried to instill some excitement about it in our children. Of course, at ages one and five, they don't really understand what it is, but we made the minimal effort to change our clothes to the appropriate all-white outfit.

It was only after we finished our photography session that I had another idea for a photo to take. Chupinazo de San Fermí­n 2014

You can't put on your scarf until the firecracker goes boom in Pamplona.

Chupinazo de San Fermí­n 2014

And then you party.

Before we changed our clothes again, I intentionally chased Ian around the house with my camera acting as a bull, and I managed to get this fantastic photograph.

Bull Run Baby Original

Which is absolutely begging to be photoshopped into some running bulls, possibly replacing the remote with a rolled up newspaper, as is tradition.

I have found, however, that it is extremely hard to find a photograph of a bull run from the requisite angle, as all the photographs are taken with the intention of capturing the runners faces as they run away from the bulls, never looking back at the bulls. This is the best one I could come up with:

Bull Run Baby

I'm not very happy with it, as the angles and lighting could be a lot better. But if anyone wants to try and do a better job, here's the cutout Bull Run Baby.

Bull Run Baby Cutout