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July 4th Party - Hamburgerfest 2014

July 8, 2014
Fourth of July Party 2014 - Hamburger

For the first time in a while, we celebrated our Fourth of July party on that date. Sometimes we do it for lunch, but this time it was for dinner, and it coincided with the Brazil-Colombia World Cup match, which was fun. Ian could sense with all the cleaning and cooking and table clothes that something was up. Although he's been going to bed at 8pm lately, he was having none of that on July 4th; he wanted to see what all the preparation was for. When Nora was one year old, she hated parties, needing to spend the entire party in a parent's arms, preferably in a quiet room away from all the strangers. She's gotten a lot better now that she's five, however, and spent the party building a fort in the living room. Ian, however, was actively seeking out guests to play with. I heard that at one point a guest was actually swinging him by his feet upside down, much to Ian's delight. He's gonna be a real party animal, I think.

Plus, as a curious toddler who always needs to have an eye kept on him, he was the center of attention for the whole party, which seemed to suit him just fine.

Is there a party going on?

"Excuse me, is there a party going on in here?"

Fourth of July Party 2014

As usual, my hamburgers were a hit.

Fourth of July Party 2014

Happy attendees.

Fourth of July Party 2014 - Hamburger

The chef's burger.

Fourth of July Party 2014 - Nora

Nora liked hers, too.

Fourth of July Party 2014 - Party Animal

At some point during the evening, Ian found the trash can full of empty beer cans and saw them as perfect objects to play with.

Fourth of July Party 2014 - Party Animal

I missed the instant where he raised it to his lips as if to drink.

Fort that sister Nora made the night before

Ian helped in the dismantling of Nora's fort the next morning.

Over all it was a great success, and I'm looking forward to next year!