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Dougall's – Local Cantabrian Beer

April 26, 2014
DouGall's Beers: Think Globally, Drink Locally

I discovered this brewery two years ago, and I've been keeping an eye out for it, but it wasn't until yesterday that I noticed it in the local Lupa supermarket chain. Some googling tells me that the brewery was started by an Englishman, named Andrew Dougall, around eight years go. The brewery is based out of a little town called Liérganes, only about a half hour away from me. Unfortunately, Dougall's website is "fermenting" at the moment, but they seem pretty active on Facebook and Twitter. Hmm... I'm a web programmer... Perhaps I need to work out some sort of "goods for services" arrangement with these people...

DouGall's Beers

Both of the bottles I purchased today were as delicious as they are gorgeous. I'm not much of a snooty connoisseur, so I shan't go on about the mouthfeel. I was most of the way through the Nueve Cuatro Dos when I read the name aloud and it immediately became clear why it's called that. That's the telephone area code for Cantabria! I'm not sure what Ra Que Ra means...perhaps after a few more bottles...

DouGall's Beers: Think Globally, Drink Locally

The bottle cap reads, "Think globally, drink locally." Alright, I think I will!

Cheers, Andrew. Keep it up!