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Myrtle Beach Time Of Year

February 17, 2014

Earlier this month, I took my annual vacation – remember: traveling with children is a "trip", and traveling without children is a "vacation" – to North and South Carolina for our annual golf tournament that my father hosts, called the Myrtle Beach Classic. This year we played a novelty golf course called World Tour Golf Links, which has recreated many of the most famous golf holes from around the world. It's a clever gimmick and I'm glad we played there, but it's probably not worth returning there in the future. As expected, we had a really great time and I got to see some friends that I only see once a year, every February. I am forever grateful to my wife and in-laws for carrying my parental burden during these trips. Swilken Bridge, World Tour Golf, Myrtle Beach

A replica of the Swilcan Burn Bridge at St. Andrews.

Aside from golf, we have a really good time making music together, with a few of us playing the guitar, a few play the harmonica, and others are pretty fearless with percussion. This year my father and I Lennon-McCartney'd a song together called Time Of Year, which we performed a few times in our condos overlooking the Atlantic ocean.

Myrtle Beach Panorama

Before I left to come back to Spain, we did a one-take recording to preserve the creation for posterity.

Time Of Year

2014 Myrtle Beach Classic song

Time Of Year ---- Well there's snow out, and I go out But the course is closed 'cuz it froze Bring my sticks in. Pour a tall gin And let my balls thaw out while I wait to feel my toes

But I can't rest, I got the big test Gotta practice, gotta play best It's that Myrtle Beach time of year.

Well we leave town, and we drive down Adding an axe and a harp on the way Play the World Tour, where I'm quite sure We'll lose a few balls before we head to where we'll stay

In the condos, with the bongos Making music, with my honchos It's that Myrtle Beach time of year.

They come from hither. Come from yonder They come from thousands, of miles away From Michigan, scratching that itch again Comes the big man Dennis; always ready to play

With Phil Shirley, don't call him Shirley He sings good, and picks purely It's that Myrtle Beach time of year.

From Colorado, with his big shadow Hemphill's the best of 'em all Erik's close. But adiós. Keith is more likely to make the big man fall

Will he do it? Well, hell, screw it! It's not golf that, brings us to it It's that Myrtle Beach time of year.

So let's go now. Let's go grow now Let's have the best goddamn time of our lives We'll play poker. Roll and smoke her Drink and swear all day, but at night we call our wives

We love 'em. They're a femme gem Cuz she let's me be who I am It's that Myrtle Beach time of year. It's that Myrtle Beach time of year.