American in Spain

Morning in Limpias

April 2, 2013
Kayak Tiltshift

Two and a half years ago, we drove the seven minutes to the town of Limpias and very much enjoyed a walk along the river. I remember thinking at the time, "I should bring my parents here." And last weekend, I did. The sky was clear and the sun was warming the cool spring air, and we decided to walk along the water in Limpias.

Limpias is positioned by where the Asón River begins to open up before spilling into the sea in Colindres, and Limpias still has a lot of artillery guarding the river entrance, presumably from the Spanish Civil War. Morning in Limpias

Climbing up to pose on this gun is not optional.

Morning in Limpias

The sun and blue sky made for some gorgeous photographs.

Morning in Limpias

The other side of the river.

Heavy Anchor

"Hey, Dad, go pretend to lift that anchor!"

"Just pretend to lift it or actually lift it?"

Kayak Tiltshift

It was a lovely day for some kayaking.

Gun and Kayaker

I bet that gun could take out a kayaker...

Morning in Limpias

Nora used her command over her grandmother to ride part of the way.

Morning in Limpias

Limpias has some striking architectural juxtapositions. The ancient stone town is still there, but a lot of it is crumbing and abandoned, since it's so much cheaper to just build new residences, and the old structures are probably protected by the government.

Gigantic Pineapple

My parents were particularly impressed with the size of pineapples we have around here.

It was a lovely morning out, and since it was so close, it really took no more time than a walk around our familiar town of Colindres.