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One month to go...

March 26, 2013
Eight Months Pregnant

We are considerably less stressed/terrified about the impending birth of our son than we were about our daughter, four long years ago. For instance, for Nora, we had the crib bought and put together a full three months before its first use, and this time we haven't even considered bringing it down from the attic yet. The baby car seat and stroller attachments are still stored in my in-laws' attic as well. I don't even think we've bought a single item of baby clothing yet. Reports from those closest to my son suggest that he kicks considerably less than his sister did, but much harder. Boys are such brutes.

Nora remains very pleased to be having a brother, and is even handling the torturous wait quite well. I've never been as curious about anything as about getting a first glimpse of my children's faces. I can't wait to meet the little bugger.

We do have some awfully cute pregnancy photos to share...

Eight Months Pregnant Eight Months Pregnant Eight Months Pregnant Eight Months Pregnant

And finally, my very favorite…

Eight Months Pregnant

There's a loving family waiting for you out here, son. Come out whenever you're ready!