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Family Portraits - Winter 2013

February 25, 2013
Family Portrait

The Christmas after Nora was born, I used iPhoto's nice calendar designing functionality to make a calendar of photos of Nora from throughout the year. I knew at the time that I was indenturing myself to providing a calendar every year in the foreseeable future, and sure enough, the expectation was there, and I have been meeting it. When it came time to make the 2013 calendar, I realized that I didn't have many photos of the entire family together, so I vowed to take some. I set up the tripod on a January day when we were relatively dressed up and took some photos. I thought I'd share them with you here. Family Portrait

The 3.5 of us.

I bought two new sweaters this year, both with this type of collar. The shop attendant called it a "smoking" collar, probably because it looks a bit like a "smoking jacket", but some internet searches tell me that the preferred term in English is a "shawl collar". Whatever it's called, I love it.

Family Portrait

Nora with her abuelos.

Family Portrait

All together.