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July 4th Party - Hamburgerfest 2012

July 11, 2012
Hamburgerfest 2012

Last year we couldn't have our annual Fourth of July party because we were in the States for the holiday, but this year we returned to tradition, throwing a party for some friends with hamburgers using my special "American" recipe. We didn't give much notice, and it coincided with San Fermí­n, the enormous Booze & Bull festival in Pamplona, which some of our invitees were attending, so we ended up with a nice dinner party of seven adults and our little Nora. Hamburgerfest 2012 - Preparations

The table set, ready for guests to arrive.

Hamburgerfest 2012 - Preparations

It was nice to get out the fine linens and china, which rarely get used.

Hamburgerfest 2012 - Jamón, Salchichón and cheese

A little Spanish ¡Olé! in our American fiesta: serrano ham, salchichón and sheep cheese.

Hamburgerfest 2012 - Crab Toasts

A crab salad hors d'Å“uvre that my wife makes.

Hamburgerfest 2012 - Gildas

Gildas, so named because the buxom shape reminded a horny Basque bartender of Rita Hayworth, consisting of olives, an anchovy and a hot pepper. These are fabulous!

Hamburgerfest 2012 - The Liquor Bar

My favorite corner of the house.

Hamburgerfest 2012

Guests snarfing down burgers.

Hamburgerfest 2012

Awww yeah!! 150 grams (1/3 lb) of minced beef and pork meat, melted Havarti cheese, sautéed onions, fresh lettuce (literally picked that morning, since one of the guests brought it from his garden), paper thin tomato slices, ketchup, mustard and mayo, all on a bun baked fresh in a local bakery that morning.

Hamburgerfest 2012 - Cubatas

The highball course. One of the guests is an experienced cocktail bartender.

Hamburgerfest 2012 - Marga and Nora

My beautiful gals.

Hamburgerfest 2012 - The Gang

Happy Fourth of July from Spain, everybody!