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Diego Did It

March 8, 2012

Diego Did It (thumbnail)As we quickly approach Nora's third birthday later this month, her verbal skills continue to advance. She's capable of recounting incidents from daycare, and often her stories check out, even if her telling of the story isn't always coherent. The other day she insisted on telling me about how her jacket got wet. It seems that she was innocently (she's such an angel!) drinking water from a cup, when a reckless lad by the name of Diego came careening into her causing her to spill her water. She was being rather cute about her explanation of what happened, so I decided to film her as if I were cross-examining a witness in the trial to determine Diego's innocence or guilt. Notice that the ubiquitous character of Rubén, who is both a classmate at daycare and an imaginary friend at home, makes an appearance later in the interview.

I have never met Diego or even heard of him until this accusation.

We have conversations like this on a daily basis.