American in Spain

Spanish Thanksgiving - Tapas in Castro Urdiales

November 25, 2011
Tapas with Grandparents

My parents are visiting us in Spain this week. When it came time to make Thanksgiving plans, my first thought would be to make a turkey pizza to eat, and then lie around the house in a digestive stupor as is American tradition on this holiday. My wife suggested that we take advantage of my day off work go to Santander after she got off work (it's not a holiday in Spain, of course) to see the penguins and sea lions at the Palacio de la Magdalena. This was, as usual, a superior idea to mine, so we decided to do that. Then, at the last minute, she suggested that, if we wanted to, my folks and I could take the entire day to go to the nearby town of Castro Urdiales to see the beach and church there, rather than wait most of the day for her to get off work. In the end, this plan won out. We spent Thanksgiving walking around and eating tapas in Castro Urdiales. Erik's Thanksgiving Apple Harvest Scones

We started the morning with Erik's Homemade Thanksgiving Apple Harvestâ„¢ scones.

Castro Urdiales is the eastern most town of any interest in Cantabria, close to the border with the Basque Country. The town dates back to Roman times, mainly as a port and fishing village. The French destroyed the town in 1813, but many of the residents were able to escape to sea with English ships.

Paul, Betsy and Nora in Castro Urdiales

My parents and daughter in Castro Urdiales.

Harbor in Castro  Urdiales

The town is nothing if not photogenic. The fact that I accidentally left my good camera at home was very painful.

See that taller white building on the left? That's where we had lunch.

Santa Maria Church in Castro Urdiales

The medieval Santa Maria church is a gorgeous bit of gothic architecture.

Olive Tree Blocking Sun

In the shade of an olive tree.

Gulls on Rock in Castro  Urdiales

I loved these stairs that go nowhere.

Erik, Nora and Betsy in Castro Urdiales

Yes, I was in short sleeves. It was chilly, but more comfortable than with my sweater on.

Enough walking, let's have some tapas!!

Tapas in Castro Urdiales

Goat cheese on ham and a tomato, sprinkled with balsamic vinegar.

Tapas in Castro Urdiales

Bacon and quail eggs.

La Marinera in Castro Urdiales

This place, La Marinera, was quite nice.

Coffee Drinker

My mother switched to coffee for a few of the wine rounds. Nora was happy to finish the last bit for her.

Tapas with Grandparents

My parents love going bar to bar almost as much as their granddaughter does. Those are glasses of vegetable broth they gave us with our wines.

Tapas in Castro Urdiales

God, I love Spain!

Tapas in Castro Urdiales

Oh, yeah!

Nora and Betsy

After lunch we continued our long walk back to the car, having fun along the way, of course.

Bench Sitting with Grandma

And resting some.

Odd Beach Footprints

The beach was very finely raked, but also had these bizarre footprints walking in parallel lines away from the water. WTF?

Nora, Erik and Betsy in Castro Urdiales

Nora, Poppy and Grandma.

Tiles in Castro Urdiales

Cool tiles!

Paul, Betsy, Nora and Erik in Castro Urdiales

We had a good time in Castro Urdiales. This is a very rare well-framed photo by a stranger.

Turkey Pizza for Thanksgiving 2011

In the evening, after yet more walking around Colindres, I did make my famous turkey pizza to celebrate the American holiday of being thankful for what we have.

Turkey Pizza for Thanksgiving 2011

My Thanksgiving was far from typical, but I ate too much and had a wonderful time with my family, so I guess I did pretty well.