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Alcatraz Parenting

September 2, 2011
Alcatraz Magnet - Regulation #5

When we visited Alcatraz last year (which I highly recommend), I couldn't resist buying two souvenir magnets in the gift shop on the way out. During the tour, we learned that, when a prisoner first arrived to the maximum security prison and was shown to his cell, he found, on the fold-out table in his cell, a list of the prison's rules and regulations. The two regulations on the refrigerator magnets I bought are fantastic for parenting a child. I plan to have them posted in the kitchen for the duration of my daughter's stay under my care. Alcatraz Magnet - Regulation #5

Regulation #5

You are entitled to food, clothing, shelter and medical attention.


Alcatraz Magnet - Regulation #23

Regulation #23

If you make GROUNDLESS COMPLAINTS for the purpose of creating dissatisfaction and/or stirring up trouble will be subject to DISCIPLINARY ACTION