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Kingdom of Fife Championship - Scotland 2005 - Part 4 of 7

May 5, 2011
The Claret Jug

In June, 2011, I'm going on a golf vacation to Ireland with three of my best friends, Paul (my father), Jeff, and Jacob. Six years ago, we took a similar golf vacation to Scotland. At the time, I posted photos and commentary to a website that predated this blog. In preparation for our trip this year, I'm re-posting my commentary on that trip in October 2005.

On Tuesday, October 11, 2005, we played the New Course at St. Andrews. It rained steadily for the entire round. Such is my excuse for no in-round pictures. Boy the shower in the St. Andrews Links Clubhouse felt good! Before heading out for our late, 1:15 PM tee time, we visited the British Golf Museum.

Old Paul and Old Tom Morris

Old Paul Rasmussen and Old Tom Morris.

Old Jeff and Old Tom Morris

Old Jeff Fitzgerald and Old Tom Morris.

The Claret Jug

The actual Claret Jug. I liked how it was designed so that when the base fills up with engraved names, they can just add a new piece on.