American in Spain

Cheese for Abuela

May 3, 2011

Cheese for Abulea (video thumbnail)I'm sure the behavior displayed in this video is completely normal for a toddler, but it's a good example of where Nora's social and lingual skills are at the moment. She's good at arguing. Since spending a week with her grandparents in Extremadura, she now interjects an exasperated ¡jolí­n! (a bowdlerized version of the Spanish F-bomb) "properly" into her arguments. I honestly can't recall how Americans interact with toddlers, but in Spain, the general pattern for an adult-toddler interaction, even with complete strangers, is for the adult to try to convince the toddler to give away a piece of food or toy or something. It always strikes me as odd for a man to walk up to my daughter on the street and playfully proclaim, "That doll is mine!" in an attempt to rile up her possessive response, which is now very strong. I'm not complaining, only mentioning that this interaction you're about to see is very, very common.