American in Spain

Pretty Umbrella

May 1, 2011
Pretty Umbrella Thumbnail

This video is a couple weeks old, and I finally got around to subtitling it. Nora really likes her umbrellas, although we've yet to let her use them "in anger". A few Sundays ago, while her mother was having a first-trimester-induced siesta, Nora was rolling around on the floor and discovered her umbrella, which I had hidden under the sofa to make her stop playing with it a few weeks earlier. "Look, Daddy! Under the sofa! My umbrella!!" She was ecstatic. So I let her play with it for a bit before distracting her and putting it away. She has clearly experienced admiration, as she echos towards the umbrella. Like most of her play, the majority is in Spanish, with a dash of English thrown in.