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Kingdom of Fife Championship - Scotland 2005 - Part 2 of 7

April 27, 2011
Swilken Burn Bridge

In June, 2011, I'm going on a golf vacation to Ireland with three of my best friends, Paul (my father), Jeff, and Jacob. Six years ago, we took a similar golf vacation to Scotland. At the time, I posted photos and commentary to a website that predated this blog. In preparation for our trip this year, I'm re-posting my commentary on that trip in October 2005.

On Sunday, October 9, 2005, the Kingdom of Fife Championship was officially begun. In an unbelievable display of daring, defiance, and bravery, Jacob proposed a (gasp!) change to the itinerary which involved playing a course at Carnoustie instead of playing the Anstruther Golf Club again. After much discussion, several whiskies, and minimal name-calling, it was decided to drive to Carnoustie, without directions, and try to play golf there, without a tee-time! After asking directions in several places (in some places twice), and a little bit of vomiting from The Committee, we finally arrived to Carnoustie Golf Links. Even with Jacob's charming good looks, we couldn't get a tee time on the championship course, but they did let us be the first non-members off on its lesser sibling, Buddon Links. Unfortunately, I forgot to take any pictures while playing, but it was a very nice course. After the first day, Jeff was leading by one stroke.

On the way back, we stopped at St. Andrews to introduce ourselves into the history that is The Old Course. Since the Old Course is a public park on Sundays, we could walk around and snap the mandatory pictures at our leisure.

Paul and the Road Hole Bunker

Paul visits the Road Hole Bunker.

Foursome and the Road Hole Bunker

A nice gentleman from Wisconsin offered to take a group picture with the Road Hole Bunker.

Swilken Burn Bridge

The obligatory shot of the Swilken Burn Bridge.

Jacob on Swilken Burn Bridge

Jacob poses on a bridge that all of the world's best golfers have crossed.

Paul on Swilken Burn Bridge

Paul adopts the "Jack Nicklaus" pose.

Foursome on Swilken Burn Bridge Jeff on Swilken Burn Bridge Erik on Swilken Burn Bridge Swilken Burn Bridge

The Swilken Burn runs under the Swilken Burn Bridge.

That night, back at the hoose, who comes in the front door for happy hour, but Tom Van Ordstrand and his buddy Marty! After happy hour, we walked down to the local "chippy" for some fish-n-chips. This particular chippy, The Anstruther Fish Bar is the winner of the "Best Fish-n-Chips in Scotland" award, and recently sold for a cool one million pounds. I have to agree, for fish-n-chips, it was excellent!

Tom, The Captain, and Paul

Tom and Paul pose with the Captain.

Jeff with Claret Jug

Back in the hoose, Jeff, with his one-stroke lead (with 90 holes still to play), practices his champion poses with the Claret Jug.

Jeff with a Suntory

For relaxing times, make it Suntory time!

Erik and Tom

Tom and Jeff tell some jokes.

Marty in da hoose!

Marty tells a few too.


I know from experience that when auto-photography starts to seem like a good idea, it's time to stop drinking.

Jacob gets friendly with the claret jug

Jacob practices his Claret Jug kissing, just a little too passionately. Jeff, his inner teenager released by the whisky, gives Jacob some rabbit ears.

Jacob and the claret jug

Jacob waits for a genie to appear.

Jeff and the claret jug

Jeff wants to hold it again.