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Tweety Pin

March 18, 2011
Tweety Pin

For whatever reason, some of my online friends have decided that there's something really funny about Tweety, the Looney Tunes canary. There's something about his (yes, Tweety is a boy) ubiquity and presumed innocence make him a prime target for smirk-inducing suspicions of Evil.

Almost three years ago, I sent my friend Jane a Tweety pez dispenser as a gag gift. She finally got around to returning the favor. Today in the mail, I received a Tweety pin. It wasn't in my hands long, however, because as soon as Nora saw it, she insisted on having and wearing it. She wore it to daycare today. Tweety Pin

No, I don't know why her dress says "dudu".

Tweety Pin Tweety Pin Tweety Pin

Thank you, Jane. And I mean that both sincerely and sarcastically.