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How to break into your own house

March 4, 2011

How to break into your own house (freeze frame)Nora has learned a new trick: climbing into her house through the window. Naturally, I set about to record a video of her doing so, and two unforeseen events occurred. First, Narcissus noticed herself on the camera viewfinder and had to run over for a closer look. And second, when I tried to use the excuse of "Oh no, your key is inside the house!" to get her to climb through the window, she did, but then she berated me for being such a jerk as to throw her key into the house. The result was a rather bizarre, but still cute video.I was just out of frame to the left, ready to catch her if she lost her grip. I'm still too cautious to let her try the maneuver without a spotter.

That's her potty there just outside her house. She likes to sit there, but doesn't really understand what its for or have conscious control over the necessary sphincters yet.