American in Spain


February 1, 2011
Maggie Video  Frame

I am very much enjoying how social networking and blogging is allowing me to follow the development of my friends' kids. Of particular interest is Maggie, the daughter of a high school and college friend of mine who was born eight days before Nora. On the development front, Nora has totally schooled Maggie on hair growth, but Maggie has been ahead of Nora in just about every other category, from crawling to walking to speaking, although I, of course, make bilingual excuses for Nora's language development. Nora met Maggie last April, shortly after their first birthdays. Today, Maggie's blog posted an adorable video of her singing, so I showed Nora. What struck all three us, by order of intelligence (Marga, Erik, Nora), was how Maggie and Nora pronounce the word "water" in the same way, like "wah-doo". Nora insisted that we replay Maggie's video about seven times. One one of the showings, I recorded Nora, who was snacking on some yogurt at the time.

What she says at the end is "Again, again!" and "More!", which is how she asks me to repeat whatever pleasurable thing she's just experienced.