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Blond Miles Davis

January 28, 2011
Miles Davis Impersonator

Nora has been with her grandparents all week, and I may have spent some of my glorious childless free time looking at pictures of her on my computer. What can I say? I miss the kid. In my browsing, I found some photos from last September, when Nora was 18 months old and freshly bipedal, of her playing an "instrument" that my mother refers to, onomatopoeically, as a "doo doo tube". Apparently this term is not widespread, as a Google search turns up a range of unpleasant things. Anyway, the photos are pretty cute, so I thought I'd share them. Doo doo doooo!!!

Doo doo doooooooo doo dooo!

Doo doo dooo doo

Doo dooooo doooo doo doo dooooooo!

Miles Davis Impersonator

She's really feeling the jazz!

miles davis/50 years of kind of blue