American in Spain

Scenes From This Morning

January 19, 2011
Happy homeowner

Nora was looking particularly cute in her red dress this morning, and it's been a little while since I took some photos of her playing at home, so I thought I'd take some. Also in the photos below is her Christmas present from us, a playhouse. She has a gay old time opening the door, entering, closing the door, opening the door, exiting, and closing the door. She crosses that molded plastic threshold dozens of times a day. In a hurry

Running around in a hurry.

Happy homeowner

Happy homeowner. This might be the best natural smile I've ever captured from her. She could be on the cover of Better Homes and Gardens.

Ooh! An iPhone 4!

Oooh! An iPhone 4!

Howdy, neighbor!

Howdy, neighbor!

Closing the window

Closing the shutters.

No photographs, please!

No more photographs, please.

Portrait of a yogurt eater

Pensive yogurt eater.

Surprised Yogurt Eater

Yogurt surprise.