American in Spain

Giant Lemon

December 16, 2010
Erik and the Giant Lemon

Occasionally a set of photos that I really want to publish get lost in a sea of other interesting content. When my parents were visiting one year ago, we noticed a giant lemon in a local bar and asked if we could pose with it for a few silly photographs. The bartender, who got to know me during a USA v. Spain fíºtbol match a few years ago, was happy to oblige. So here's a giant lemon... Erik and the Giant Lemon

It was bigger than my head.

Nora and the Giant Lemon

That's some big fruit.

Paul bites a giant lemon

Of course some of us had to get silly.

Nora and the Giant Lemon

It was way bigger than little 9-month-old Nora's head.

When life gives you photos of them on your blog.