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Thanksgiving 2010

December 3, 2010
Stuffed turkey and gourds

On Thanksgiving morning, as is tradition in my family, we piled in the minivan and headed over the proverbial river and through the proverbial woods to Grandmother's house. Nora was relatively well behaved during the 3.5 hour car journey, which included a stop at Bojangles for a "bo berry biscuit", which was priced at $0.89 for one or $1.00 for two...and Europeans ask why Americans overeat so much. Before leaving Bojangles, Nora managed to dump her entire cup of water down the front of her dress, which was immediately removed, thus clearing the way for getting chocolate all over her onesie later in the car ride. Upon arriving to my grandmother's house, we discovered that, as usual, all the food was ready, warm, and waiting for us. After a little bit of unpacking, we sat down for our Thanksgiving meal. I, for one, was very thankful to have my wife, daughter, parents, and grandmother with me on that special day. The food was delicious, as you shall see below.

After dinner, and throughout the three day visit, Nora played with both her grandparents, but mostly continuing to strengthen the bond with her grandmother, to whom she would become very attached over the coming week.

In the crib at Great-Grandma's house

Checking out her new crib at Great-Grandma's house in her chocolate-stained onesie.

Thanksgiving Turkey

The bird gobbleth no more.

Thanksgiving Table Setting

The impeccably set table.

Carving The Turkey

My father carving the turkey.

Sitting down for Thanksgiving Dinner

Everyone takes their place.

Thanksgiving Turkey




Cranberry Jello Salad

A cranberry jello salad my grandmother makes.

Turkey Napkins

Cool turkey napkins.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin pie with whipped cream.

Playing the Piano

Nora surprised us with a sonata.

Playing with Grandma

Having fun with Grandma.

Playing with Grandma

Some sort of monster in the Hundred Acre Wood.

Turkey Leftovers

Turkey leftovers for dinner!

Wrestling with Grandpa

Wrestling with Grandpa.

Wrestling with Grandpa


Wrestling with Grandpa Wrestling with Grandpa

One way to sit down.

My grandmother and me

There's nowhere I'd rather be on Thanksgiving than with my grandmother.

All the photos of our Thanksgiving visit can be seen here.