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Halloween Zebra

November 2, 2010
Nora Zebra Halloween Costume

In Spain, the primary holiday for children to wear costumes is Carnival, not Halloween. However little by little, the virus of American culture is taking hold. Several of my expat friends in Spain have reported some trick-or-treaters, and some of the local shops say they got some too. Zebra Girl

I took the opportunity of Halloween to dress Nora up in a zebra costume that Friend of This Blog, Josh Grady, sent us. His daughter, Sophia, is nine months older than Nora, and they live in Barcelona. He got the idea from the caption I put to this photograph of Nora last March looking like a zebra doing Eeyore's famous pose. He asked me for my mailing address and shipped us a zebra costume. Unfortunately, neither Carnival nor Halloween fell at the exact time for the costume to be Nora's size, but she wore it proudly despite it being a little small. As with most new items of apparel (e.g. hats, sunglasses, etc.) she protested bitterly when I put it on her and even more ferociously when I tried to take it off her.

Nora Zebra Halloween Costume Nora Zebra Halloween Costume

  Zebras do not normally come across carved gourds in the wild.

Nora Zebra Halloween Costume

Curious zebra.

Nora Zebra Halloween Costume

I hope you all had a happy Halloween. Thank you very much to Sophia and her parents for providing the wardrobe for this post.