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Weight Lifting

October 25, 2010
Working out

At the end of our Saturday Epic Mall Adventure last weekend we stopped by a sporting goods store because I wanted to buy a pair of 5 kg dumbbells to have near my desk to use during moments of computing downtime, like code compiles and YouTube videos. Nora, who had been wide-eyed during the whole hyperstimulating mall visit, picked up some 0.5 kg dumbbells and started lifting them herself. It was pretty she was training to kick some schoolyard butt. So I recorded a little video.

As if I had any choice on the soundtrack...

Working out

Here are a few more photos from the mall visit:



Shopping with Nora: where'd she go now?

She very much enjoyed the clothing racks.

Shopping with Nora: where is she now?

Where could she be?

Minnie Mouse, Nora's latest obsession

From some stockings she has, not too unlike the ones she's looking at here, she has learned who Minnie Mouse is, and now every time she sees a picture or stuffed version of Minnie (sometimes she has some false positives with Mickey as well), she shouts "MINNIIIIIIE!!" It was quite a day.