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Thirsty Hairdresser

October 22, 2010
Thirsty Hairdresser (freeze frame)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr")Sometimes it feels like I spend my entire time with my daughter telling her what not to do. Don't touch that potted plant. Don't open that drawer. Don't empty the contents of Daddy's wallet out onto the floor where you just spilt some yogurt. Etc, etc. So in retrospect, I can see how she might think it appropriate to boss everyone around and shout "No!" when you do certain things. Recently, during my parents' visit she spent several minutes "styling" her mother's hair:

  1. Move Mommy's hair around
  2. Take a few steps back
  3. Put your hands on your hips
  4. Admire your work
  5. See that your work is not yet done
  6. Go to #1

It was adorable, and I was just able to catch the tail end of it on video. What happened next was that she ran out of water in her cup and demanded, with one of her favorite words, that her mother get her some more. When her mother didn't spring immediately to her service, she moved to the other side of her mother and tried to push her towards the kitchen. Luckily her grandmother stepped in and offered to get her some water. But Nora wasn't content to wait for the water, so she followed her into the kitchen to yell at her about exactly how and how not to fetch the water (I'm guessing at the content of the yelling). Then she did her latest annoying behavior of holding the water in her mouth. About 5% of the time it gets spit back out, so it always makes me nervous. I've taught her to smack her lips and say "Ahhh!" when she finishes a sip precisely because it forces her to swallow.

Well, I've sort of spoiled the plot for you, but here's the video anyway. It was filmed before a live smart-alecky studio audience.