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BLTCH - Sandwich Party 5

October 9, 2010
BLTCH sliced

The time has come once again for the Sandwich Party, a sandwich blogging event. I participated in the first, second, and fourth sandwich parties. The third one was held the week my daughter was born, so I missed it. This time, I admit to preparing, photographing, eating, and digesting my sandwich before the party was even announced, because there is often less than a week's notice from when The Sandwich Divas announce these things.

This time around, I've gone with a family favorite: The Beltch. My mother, the polite lady that she is, chooses to put the vowel after the L, making it a Bletch (as if that's a polite sound!). As you might have guessed, it's a variation on the famous BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato), but adding cheese (CH). For proper BELTCH construction, a fried egg should be added to achieve full letter representation, but circumstances did not allow for an egg in this production. After some criticism I received in past Sandwich Party posts about using processed "singles" cheese, I made extra sure to use real Spanish from-a-wedge cheese on this one.

Semi-cured cheese wedge

The cheese. Did you know that the Spanish say "PATATA!" (potato) when they are posing for a photograph? How silly. Try saying "Patata!" and looking your best. Anglophones: 1, Hispanophones: 0.

Cheese Slices

Who cut the cheese? I did, actually.

Tomato, ripe, glistening

Ripe succulent tomato? Check!

Tomato, sliced


Thick bacon

In Spain, the bacon is THICK!! And sometimes they spell it beicon. I could've asked for it thinner, I guess, but a wise man should've once said, "If you're worried about your arteries, you're not making your sandwich properly."

Fried Bacon

Bacon: Fried. This was way more than I used in the sandwich.


All put together on lightly toasted bread.

BLTCH sliced

BLTCH!! Mmmmm!!!

Please enjoy the following "Making Of" documentary slideshow...