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Happy Birthday, Great-Grandma!

October 7, 2010
Happy Birthday, Great-Grandma!

Nora's only remaining great-grandmother (my paternal grandmother), Joyce, turns [REDACTED]-years-old today. It was very special for us that she travelled to visit us soon after Nora was born. And Nora returned the favor a year later and stayed a few days in her house last March, when we had a family reunion in which all her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren showered her with love and affection. If we can raise Nora to be half as kind, classy, and caring as her great-grandmother, we'll have made the world a better place. Happy Birthday, Great-Grandma!

No, you're holding it wrong.

Little Erik and his Grandparents

Me, with my paternal grandparents.

Great-Grandma Feeding

Joyce holding 8-week-old Nora.

Happy Birthday, Great-Grandma!

Happy birthday!

Erik, Marga, and Nora