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Loving Tiko

October 4, 2010
Loving Tiko

Last week, my sister-in-law, and my third grandfather came to visit for a few hours on their way back from Extremadura. They brought their dog, Tiko, with them. Tiko is seventeen years old and still going. That's pretty incredible for a Canis lupus familiaris. The fact that he's so blind, deaf, and weak, makes him a perfect dog for Nora. When she got back from daycare, I heard the door open, she called "Poppy!" to me, and came into my office with Tiko on leash. She was pretty cute with him, so I took some photographs. Loving Tiko

Nora doesn't realize that her two fascinations, dogs and always carrying around a cookie in her hand, are incompatible. Or very compatible, depending on whether or not you're a quadruped.

Loving Tiko Loving Tiko Loving Tiko Loving Tiko

This is by far the best photo of the hundred or so I snapped.