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Say Cheese!

September 30, 2010
Grinning Nora

Nora is hundreds of times more fun now that she's so...interactive. A couple nights ago, as I was feeding her dinner, I taught her how to grin. It wasn't all that intentional, really; I just started grinning at her and noticed that she returned the expression. It was quite adorable. Somewhat predictably, when her mother entered the room and I tried to show off Nora's new skill, she had forgotten all about it and had moved on to obsessing over her mother or some piece of plastic or something. The following night, I managed to grab the video camera and do some grinning with her while her mother prepared her dinner. Here is the video I recorded. As a side note, she really likes cheese, and can't stand watching me eat any without asking for some herself with her "CHEEEE!" call.

Did you like the title text glance?