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Two Noras

September 17, 2010
Two Noras (crop)

by erikrasmussen, on Flickr")Thanks to the little "One Year Ago" widget on my left sidebar, I was reminded about this photography/photoshoppery project I endeavored to embark on last year. Unfortunately, I seem to have dropped the ball in March for the "12 months" photo, so I've decided, retrospectively, that doing it every six months was a stupid idea and it's really better to do it at 12 month intervals. Remind me next September, if you would...

Actually I was also reminded by the "Previous 12 months" smart album I have that keeps recent photos on my phone, which sorts, annoyingly, in chronological order, so I'm often aware of the photos I took a year ago, as I have to scroll by them a lot. The photo on my phone was quite helpful in lining up today's shot. I used a tripod in the position I thought I remembered setting it up last year, but I got the zoom wrong. It turns out, however, that Photoshop is so awesome that it didn't really matter. In fact all I did was tell it to stitch the two photos together, and it did it all automagically. The result is virtually seamless.

Two Noras

View larger. She's really grown, but it's clear that its the same little girl. I can't wait to see how the rest of the sofa gets filled in the coming years.