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Nora on Vacation

August 2, 2010
A kiss for Daddy

The plan for our summer vacations was for Marga and her parents to take Nora down to Extremadura, where we usually go in August, last Saturday, and then I would go this coming Saturday to visit for a week and then Marga, Nora and I would come back the following weekend. However, last Thursday, Marga's boss fell off his motorcycle and broke his shoulder, landing him a week in the hospital and putting the kibosh on Marga's first week of vacation. It was a tough decision, but we decided to let Nora go with her grandparents to Extremadura to leave us childless for a week.

At least I have this heart warming video I recorded last Friday to remember my daughter this week without her. A little context first... Nora has this book called That's Not My Baby (a google search for it just now turned up episodes of Maury Povich) which consists of drawings of several babies with textured objects and the sentence "That's not my baby! Her _____ is too _____!" (e.g. blanket, soft). The final page reads "That's my baby!" and has a mirror. Every single time Nora sees herself in this mirror, she kisses her reflection. It's some pretty serious narcissism. When this video was filmed, we were watching ourselves in the viewfinder, and I think that seeing herself primed her to want to kiss someone. You can see her looking around post-pucker for something to kiss. Luckily I was at the right place at the right time.