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Abuelo's 90th Birthday Bash

June 17, 2010
Abuelo with Sparkler

On June 12, 2010, shortly before the United States faced off against England in their first World Cup match of the second decade of the third millennium, we had a party to celebrate the ninetieth birthday of my third grandfather. It was a lovely meal with good friends and family followed by a balloon-popping event, some gifts, and cake. A good time was had by all, even if Nora did manage to receive more gifts than the birthday boy. 90

Not ninety candles, but they were at least in the shape of the arabic numerals 9 and 0.

Abuelo extinguishes candles

For a nonagenarian, Abuelo has some good lungs.

For some reason, Abuelo was made to get down on the floor for the balloon popping.

All the popping wore him out.

But luckily we had sparklers to resuscitate him.

Aunt Manoli with a sparkler. This is possibly my favorite photo of the day.

Abuelo's Plaque

He was presented with a plaque that reads:

From your children, grandchildren, and granddaughters on your 90th birthday. 12-6-2010

Abuelo with his sons and daughters.

All the party attendees (except Nora, who was napping). He's very well loved.

Oh well. Party's over...