American in Spain

Walking in a Fishing Village

June 10, 2010
Colindres Lighthouse

Last Friday during my morning walk with Nora around town, we went down to the fishing port. The port was as busy as I've ever seen it: people mending fishing nets, loading nets onto boats, and unloading fish by the metric ton. It was very interesting, but also something I didn't want to be in the middle of with a baby for too long. Below are some photos I took of the fishing port followed by some others I took on the rest of the walk.

Sewing and repairing these nets strikes me as one of the most daunting jobs ever. You're working closely with something small in your hand, which is attached to this huge pile of the rest of the net.

Loading the nets onto the boats in a way that they can then be unloaded properly into the sea is done with these cranes.

There were hundreds of crates this size full to the brim with fish.

They suck the fish out of the boats with this enormous vacuum pipe which then dumps them onto this rack where they fall into the crates. When one crate is full, it's pulled away and the vacuum is turned back on. The come out of there really fast, so it doesn't take long to fill a crate.

While net sewing is typically the job of women, often the fishermen's wives, men do sometimes help.

A view of the lighthouse as I was leaving the port area.

They just cut the grass in the park, and it looked lovely.

Grass-eye view.

I often walk by this horse and chuckle at the "crop circle" he's made.

The grass is greener over here.

Another horse trotting around his crop circle.

Seriously?? A Mini station wagon???

These pine trees are neat. They remind me of plastic Christmas trees.

Pine Top

Tree top.

This is the dumbest paint job ever. I imagine that the top floor of the house has a different owner than the bottom two, and that they couldn't come to an agreement about whether or not to paint the facade, so the bottom owner said, "Well screw it. I'm going to choose the ugliest color I can find and paint my two floors!" The result is rather atrocious.

Tree Shadows

Tree shadows.

I hope you enjoyed our little walk. Who knows what interesting sights we might see next time!