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Grand Theft Moto

June 8, 2010
Bad Girl Image

Recently at the playground and around town Nora has been "finding" toys that their owners have temporarily abandoned and has enjoyed playing with them a lot. Once she heisted a toy baby stroller and managed to walk a good ten paces with only the stroller as her support...before crashing it into a fence. On our walk on Sunday she borrowed, with the owner's "I really should let you use my motorcycle that is way too small for me now, but I really don't want you to" reluctant permission. She did quite well on it, despite the fact that she had to lean dangerously to one side to touch the ground.

I suspect that no matter how many toys you have, the ones that don't belong to you – and therefore you cannot become habituated to – will always sing their special siren song. Bad Girl Image

Working on her bad girl a motorcycle thief.

Bad Girl Image