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Off-Camera Flash, Part 2

May 28, 2010
Ooh, what's in here?

It's been just over a year since my last experiments with taking off-camera flash shots of my daughter. All yesterday she was reminding me, both in looks and behavior, of the title character of that 1993 Dennis the Menace movie, so I decided to take some photos of her during her playtime before bed. Recently, when my flash is on my camera, I can't get her to look at anything besides the flash, so in all of my photos of her, she's looking just above the camera. This problem is what gave me the idea to try my off-camera flash transmitter to see if I could capture her looking more at the camera or at least not looking almost into the camera. Playing before bed

Nora the Menace.

Looking up at the camera flash

Looking at camera flash.

Nuclear Fission Achieved

Nuclear fission achieved! Let's dial that shutter speed down a little, shall we?

Ooh, what's in here?

Ooh! What's in here?


Forehead illumination.

Lit from below

Okay, so my off-camera flash talents are still in the novice experimental stage, but it's awfully fun.