American in Spain

Parents' Visit - May 2010

May 25, 2010
In the park with Daddy

My father has sent me some photos he took during his recent visit. They provide a pretty good snapshot of our daily routines, from the playground to the local grocery store, to evening bath time. It seems amazing to me that just ten days ago we had Nora in her winter coat and today she's sweating in the lightest white linen suit. Reading with Grandma

Reading with Grandma. On the last page of the That's Not My Baby book, there's a mirror, which always causes Narcissus Nora to kiss her reflection. It's pretty adorable.

Erik counting sheep (only one more to go!)

Out for a walk in the countryside.

In the park with Daddy

At the playground. I love Nora's coy look in this photo. You can see all those goldilocks we chopped off.

In the park with Daddy

Ready to catch her when she falls.

Waiting her turn

Waiting somewhat patiently for Denise, a longtime "classmate" at daycare, to clear the slide.

At the top of the slide

At the top of the slide.

Bruno, Paul and Andrés

My father at the grocery store with Bruno and Andrés.

Nora and Tona

Nora's favorite fruitmonger, Tona. Her dangling necklaces and glasses are always entertaining.

Nora with Andrés

Nora feels really comfortable with Andrés, more so than with the other people at the store.

With Mommy and Daddy

At home with Mommy and Daddy, with the carpet turned up for more walker space.

Bath time

And finally bath time before bedtime.