American in Spain

Birthday Mariscada

May 20, 2010
Paul with his Crab Feast

Yesterday was my father's 61st birthday. Ever since we celebrated his sixtieth birthday last May by eating a mariscada at a local restaurant, he has been planning on/hoping for/not-so-subtly requesting a repeat celebration this year. A mariscada is a platter of marisco, which generally translates to "seafood" in English, but usually specifically refers only to shellfish. The region of Galicia is very famous for its marisco, but the mariscada we had in Vigo was a big let down after that of our local restaurant, El Guti, which is where we dined last night. The restaurant is owned by a friend of ours, José Luis. Now, on to the photos... Crab Salad?

We started off with a salad that I think had some crab meat in it, and a little shrimp on top.

Clams in Garlic and Parsley Sauce

Then came the clams in garlic and parsley sauce. With a bottle of wine, some bread, and this sauce, that's just about all I need for happiness.

Grilled Mushrooms

This is El Guti's main signature tapa, grilled mushrooms with cheese and a baby shrimp. Wonderful! I don't think this was part of the mariscada menu, but was complimentary because we know the bossman.

Crab Feast

And then came the crabs! Some were small, like the nécoras, and some were huge. All were delicious.

Paul with his Crab Feast

The birthday boy was happy, that's for sure!

Jumbo Shrimp and Lobster

And then came the jumbo shrimp and lobster course!

Jumbo Shrimp and Lobster

This is my favorite of the courses. The crab course was cold, and this one was steaming, fresh off the grill. Just as I get bored picking every little bit of meat out of cancrine exoskeletons, the hot delicious course arrives.

Shrimp and Crawfish

And finally the shrimp course. Right about the time the last course arrived, I was summoned to baby calming duty, and, having overeaten a bit on the lobster course, I can't say that my bursting stomach really missed anything.

Shrimp Platter

A full sexagenarian admires the plate of shrimp.

Birthday Boy Dessert

Then it was time for dessert!

Nora tries ice cream

Nora got a little of her mother's ice cream treat.

Paul's Honey Liqueur

And with a chilled honey liqueur, we called it a successful birthday dinner and went home. It was a wonderful end to a wonderful meal with my four closest family members, my mother, father, wife, and daughter. Happy birthday, Dad!