American in Spain

Jewel Thief

May 16, 2010

thumbToday, for the first time, I found Nora standing in her crib by herself. And then later I witnessed two such rises to bipedalism. However I highly suspect that yesterday was the first day she ever stood up in her crib by herself. Let me explain... My parents are visiting, you see, and like any good hosts, we have assumed the burden privilege of having Nora stay in our room so as to not overly burden privilege our guests. Yesterday after her midday meal, I placed a not-at-all sleepy Nora in her crib and left her there while my parents and I waited for Marga to arrive home. She spoke to herself the entire 45 minutes she was up there, until... [CRASH!!]

I raced up the stairs to find that the crash was a necklace of Marga\'s dropping to the floor, and Nora\'s crib was covered in jewelry and an overturned jewelry box that she had somehow pulled down from the dresser adjacent to her crib. I couldn\'t see how she could possibly have reached it from a sitting position, but since I had not yet see her pull herself up, I assumed that she must have done so from a sitting posture. Until today. As of now, she is fully capable of pulling herself up to a standing position in her crib.