American in Spain is a scam

May 5, 2010 is a scamRecently there was a soccer match that I wanted to watch, but that was not broadcast on my basic cable television. Investigating around the internet for a site that would stream the live game, I stumbled upon a very well designed website called If you go there, you will see a nice listing of today's fixtures with the time the match starts, the players, past results for each team, and the logos for each team as well as the league or tournament the game belongs to. It looks very professional. On each match page, there is a video player. When you click play, you are presented with this: is a scam Ooppss!

When you click the link, you are taken to another professional looking page which informs you that the service is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Many of the competing services are Windows-only, so I was very pleased to see the other supported OSes. I then fell for the "$34.95 for three years" offer that is "ending only hours from now!" rather than the monthly fee. It would actually be a good deal if it weren't a scam.

They forward you to to put in your credit card information, and they issue you a username and password. It's all still professional up to this point. You can immediately log in and what do they do? All does is provide you with a link to a free page called ATDHE to watch streaming sports for free.

Right there on the ATDHE terms of service page, they say:

Many sites charge money and send you here. is a free website. If you paid to use this site, we suggest you ask for your money back from the place you paid for. is not a scam

I had never heard of ClickBank, but apparently they are a direct competitor of PayPal, providing online transactional services for internet vendors, particularly ones selling intangibles like downloads. They are real, and they will refund your money if you ask them to. I clicked on the link in my confirmation email to go to my order on their website, clicked on the "support" button, and entered a support ticket with the following comment:

All this vendor does is provide a link to a free website. There is no value provided. I would like my money back. Thanks.

Within five days they had credited my account. The listing for the vendor in ClickBank that tried to take my money through was, so probably anything that they are offering is also a scam, but I cannot confirm that.

How to watch live streaming sports on the internet for free

Go to and hopefully the game you are looking for will be listed there. I'm not a laywer, but I'm pretty sure that streaming live television coverage of sporting events is not strictly legal. The way ATDHE gets away with it is that all they do is collect links to other third party video streaming sites (e.g. that just don't have the resources to immediately police their users that are up-streaming from their televisions.