American in Spain

House Numbers

April 30, 2010

Recently during a daily walk around town, I noticed this cracked facade with the house number, 29, looking as old as the house. For the rest of the walk, and subsequent walks that week, my eyes were drawn to the numbers above the doors of houses, some ornate, some decaying, all interesting. I briefly considered taking enough pictures to have all the first 29 integers in sequence, but I decided against it, partially because I'm lazy and partially because my photography interests are so capricious. Ooh, look! A flower! By complete chance, the order I felt these should be presented in turned out to be descending numerical order. Just because the differences in the values are 4, 5, 7, 2, and 10 does not mean that this post is a covert communication with my CIA commander back in the Motherland. We do that over Twitter.

29 25 20 13 11

Nice wrought-iron dragon lamp.


I didn't over-saturate this one. The colors really are the vibrant.