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Bipedal Mischief

April 27, 2010
Sssh! Don't tell the child labor people!

It seems like every time I turn my back on Nora in her walker, she's off investigating some corner of the house she perhaps shouldn't be. Several times she's closed kitchen drawers on her fingers, which warrants a "kiss to make it better" and a stern lecture about drawer safety from her father. On Saturday, when I was gutting and cleaning some fresh anchovies, I noticed an eerie silence in the background and went to see what she might be up to, only to find her asleep at the wheel. And I thought I was bored by the anchovy cleaning! AstroNOT: Asleep at the wheel

"Orbiter, this is Houston. Come in. Over." "Orbiter?" "This is Houston, do you read me?" "Can you hear me, Major Tom?"

Natural Selection in 3...2...1...

Natural selection in 3... 2... 1...

No, not really. We bought some outlet covers that are pretty spiffy. It never would have occurred to me that outlets with something already plugged in might be dangerous, but sure enough, the outlet pictured had a lamp plugged in before she got there and unplugged it. But as soon as the plug was removed, the spring-loaded outlet cover snapped shut preventing any fingers from getting inside. Very clever.

Sssh! Don't tell the child labor people!

Who needs a roomba? Ssssh! Don't tell the child labor people!

I'm trying not to imagine what it will be like when she can walk freely without the walker and the buffer it provides.