American in Spain

Sitting Up and Unboxing

April 23, 2010

thumbNora, today you had a big milestone that made me really proud of you. You actually managed to go from a "lying down" position to a "sitting up" position! You did so by slowly walking your hands close and closer to you until you could push your center of gravity over your butt. This is a big step for you ever since you realized that you could reach objects further away by lying down to get them, and then wailing until one of your parents sat you back up. Of course other children your age are learning to sprint, but we take our small victories where we can. Congratulations. Last Saturday morning, you were sitting on your Abuela's kitchen table with a cookie in your hand. Also on the table, you discovered, was a little plastic tray that had originally contained some paté, I think. You began putting your cookie in the tray, taking it back out, putting it back in, etc. etc. At one point you took my hand, which was on your leg to avoid you falling off the table, and put it in the tray too. I thought you wanted me to take the cookie back out, but after about the eighth time, I realized you were also storing my hand in your little treasure chest.

A few days later, your mother had the idea to pull out this box of russian owls that we've had in storage for a while. They are great fun to you, but principally as a set of items that you can insert and remove, sometimes quite violently, into and from the box they came in. Unfortunately you haven't quite grasped the idea that you can't put something into the box until you've opened the box. I have no doubt that you'll catch on eventually.

Also demonstrated in this video is your latest greatest attempt at that elusive locomotion called "crawling" in which you use your upper arm strength to drag your belly along the floor.

Personally, I'm just happy to witness a behavior in you that reduces the entropy around here.