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Genetic Expressions: One Year Old

April 7, 2010
Erik and Nora: One Year Old

When we were visiting my parents recently, my wife was looking through some family photo albums. Immediately she recognized her daughter in the baby pictures of her husband. I have to admit that sometimes looking at my daughter is a little bit like I have traveled back in time and am looking at my former self. It's downright spooky sometimes. To bring this spookiness to my blog audience, I have asked my mother to scan some photos of myself during my first birthday, which unfortunately involved no spontaneous singing of 60's pop hits that I know of. The resulting photos are downright eerie. Behold... Erik's First Birthday

There I am with my one candle. Only thirty more since then.

Erik's First Birthday

Where have I seen that expression before? Hmm...

Erik and Nora: One Year Old

Oh yeah, there it is.

So of course I had to morph them together. Watch the mouth and nose.


Some of the head shape difference is a result of the angle of the shot, but mine was definitely more egg-shaped with a bigger forehead, less hair, and generally not as pretty. Still, stuff like this is pretty creepily fascinating.