American in Spain

Nora's First Swim

March 23, 2010
Cute at the pool

On the day before her first birthday, Nora went for the first time to a swimming pool. Armed with special "swimmy" diapers, a brand new bathing suit (an early birthday gift from her friend, Amy) and a love of water, she "dove right in", so to speak. I didn't go, so I can only relay what I heard from those in attendance. She was a little concerned at first about floating on her back, but eventually she got used to it. And then she was allowed to paddle around, supported by her mother's hand. When they arrived back home, Nora was in a deep slumber in her car seat. Swimming will do that to you. At the pool

Weird clear stuff!

The backfloat freakout

Initial freak-out.

Relaxed backfloat

More comfortable now.

Smiling Mermaids

Smiling with Mommy.

Doing the crawl

Swimming like a fish.

Doing the crawl

Motoring around the pool.

With the exception of a fortnight of terror a few months ago, Nora has always liked bath time, so it seems natural that she would feel at home in the swimming pool. We hope to continue to take her to the pool when we go back to Spain.